Sharing God’s undying, never failing, unconditional love to all people as Christ’s love grows in us; filling our lives and overflowing to others.

Mission Statement

Pointing People to Jesus and allowing His unconditional Love and the transforming power of His Grace to change their lives.

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Prevailing Word Ministry

P.O. Box 2214
Powder Springs, GA 30127

  • The solution to humanities ever existing problem was packaged in a gift called Jesus, and given to mankind. That gift solved everything.- Phillip A. Baker
  • Grace is The Kindness and Love of God our Savior towards man apart from any work of righteousness which we have done.- Phillip A. Baker
  • To be free from self effort and flow in the unforced rhythm of grace, turn to Jesus, He is the only way, He is the answer, their is nothing that we can achieve without Him.- Phillip A. Baker