Creating the Life of Love

 Authored by Phillip A. Baker               

Have you ever felt unloved? Like most people you have probably experienced the disappointment that comes from being let down by someone you thought loved you. Because we live in a society that uses the words “I love you” rather loosely, many people have become skeptical that true love exist; and if it does, that they will never find it.

For this very reason, many Christians have not truly understood the magnitude of God’s love for them, or even the reason they were created to begin with. Whether you are a Christian wanting to know God on a deeper level or a non-Christian wandering what life is all about, “Creating the Life of Love” will change the way you think.

Phillip A. Baker takes you on a journey of discovering your redeemed identity and innocence. Your dark days of ignorance to God’s love for you are over. Jesus mirrors your true identity. Love is who you really are! All religious myths surrounding the concept of God’s love, have been deleted!

Using personal experience, Phillip touches the hearts of men and women alike with his message that “God loves you with His undying, never failing, unconditional love and He wants to do you good and make you happy.” Once you embrace this truth, you will be overwhelmed by the essence of God’s love. Believe it… receive it!

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 Creating the Life of Love
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